Hello i need some information about recruiter distribution. i try to post every where but didnt got any reply thats why i came here. hope you understand my problem and reply according to that. sir i create some new content types parallel to jobs content type already you have but problem is with my newly created jobs content type application process is not working so can you tell me how can and where i can changed so that process (application) process start working with my new content type also thanks

thanks sir really appreciate if you reply here i really need support or guidelines

Thanks again



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hi, it is hard to provide support as your request doesn't state any details about your customizations.

the issue queue is definitely the place to ask for community support. if you need professional support, you might want to hire a drupal developer / company in order to get your customizations work properly in combination with the Recruiter modules.

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Thanks for your reply actually i want to clear few things that is that application is hard coded to only work with three existing content types or if what we have to do and where we have to do changes / customization that application work for other content types as well. just want to know the area where i work even if i need customization

i need the area where i can work or customization to achieve my results.


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a first step would be altering recruiter_job_node_info() to register your custom job content type and apply it the fields of the recruiter_job_application feature. in general, you should study the application feature for code specific to the content types to know which parts you'll need to alter in code or recreate using the ui.

please reopen if you have further questions.

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