Hi to everyone.
I can't anymore edit my custom breadcrumbs.
Those i created works perfectly but for some reason i can't edit them anymore because when i try to enter in an edit page, it returns a blank page with only some code inside.
This is what i see on the custom breadcrumb edit page.
Same thing happens if i try to create a new custom breadcrumb.
Some help?

error.jpg23.54 KBmodum


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same issue +

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same issue any resolution thanks

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Thanks all for a great module.

However, I have a similar problem to above in that attempting to access this link: /admin/structure/custom_breadcrumbs/node/add results in a hanging browser. PHP timeout perhaps?

All admin runs through Bartik theme, so it shouldn't be theme problem.

I am in 7.x-2.0-beta1 fwiw.