Hey everybody!

Would like to ask you a little advice on modules:

I need to organize the information of my laboratory in a database.
There would be two ways to insert data in this database
> Through typing in a form
> Through XML code

Then I need to present this database in a nice way..

anyone has any idea on this matter..

thanks a lot!


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I just started working with drupal, and I'm in the same exact boat. I learned a ton watching this video:
http://drupaldojo.com/lesson/work-with-your-db-the-drupal-way (click the Get Screencast button)

My question is this:

My site's extra info will be in around 15 database tables. Should I put all of these tables into my main drupal database, or should I create a whole separate database aside from my 'drupal' database to house these in?

If I make its own separate database, there will be some communication between the two databases for user IDs and node IDs, so I'm thinking about keeping it in the 'drupal' database.