First of all - great, great work on the Adaptive Themes! Thumbs up.

I have a problem with Panels: On a local site, I have made a basic installation of AT Core (7.x-3.1) and the AT Subtheme (7.x-3.x), and, locally, everything works like a charm.

On a public server, I have done the same (a basic installation of AT Core (7.x-3.1) and the AT Subtheme (7.x-3.x)), and everything works except for one feature: The pages I set up with AT panel layouts (using page manager (7.x-1.2)+panels (7.x-3.3)) seem to stack the panels on top of eachother regardless of theme settings for different devices/widths.

The page ( has the following setup:
AT Three Column 25/50/25
Standard three columns side by side (25/50/25)
Tablet landscabe (the same)
Tablet portrait One top column, the two others side by side
Smartphone landscape Three columns stacked.

The font sizes change with the browser with, but the panels stay stacked.

Any clue what might cause this?


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Status: Active » Fixed

Gives an internal server error, you need to figure out why that is happening (should not under normal circumstances), the file must exist since AT is trying to load it (the theme checks for such things), so could be a permissions issue or server screw up.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Yes, you were right. It turned out, that it was a server screwup. For some reason, the .htaccess file placed in the sites/default/files folder caused the issue. Getting rid of the file (renaming it) fixed the internal server error returned from any subfolders, and, shabang, the adaptivetheme works perfectly.

Thanks for your help!