Right now module works great when editing taxonomy term, however it does not work when editing it in taxonomy manager module.


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Taxonomy Manager embeds term form dynamically in AJAX into the it's own form, which is done in a special and tricky way.

Here is a patch that checks if Taxonomy Manager form is used and calls to the subform rather then the main form.

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Fixed previous Patch. Now it works without error messages when moving terms.

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While the previous patches didn't work for the last release, I used a similar approach, but less invasive.

The function conditional_fields_form_after_build can't properly access the dependent location as the data is one level deeper in the form array when using taxonomy manager. But we can't switch the whole form one level down as did the previous patch as some other data is needed at the root of the form.

Attached patch just adds the extra level to the location path when it detects the taxonomy manager's form.

I did several tests with several field types and it works for me.

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