Hello i wonder if it would be possible to add Views or Blocks to the navbar? I suppose there could be many ways to do this. Just a shame i dont know any. Ill have a tinker.



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But what for do you need that? Which functionality do you expect from these Blocks/Views placed in the navbar?

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Sorry Tony im using zen now although i think your theme is great. I was wanting to put 'latest posts' and other views in there. I can achieve this now with http://megadrupal.com/project/md-megamenu

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Glad that you achieved your goal ;)

What about blocks/views in the Tweme's navbar - I think this is too heavy for such lite theme as Tweme.

May be I'll create separate subtheme with much more flexibility and power, but I would to keep Tweme very tiny and lightweight.

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I reopen this issue as I think a possible/common block to place in the navbar is the language switcher. Any suggestion on how to add a dropdown language switcher in the navbar?