Hello i was wondering how one would go about adding the accordian style to blocks in a sidebar.

I presume i have to make a tpl file up just for a sidebar and then add the accordian classes to .....errrr i dunno.

Could anyone point me in the right directon?



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So ive created a tpl for my block view and i now 'control it'. Ive added the code like so. It seems to be working ok but its showing 'open' as default. Maybe its becuase ive just overidden one block.

<div class="<?php print $classes; 


print render($title_prefix);
if ($title):
print $title;

print render($title_suffix);
if ($header):
print $header;


if ($exposed):

print $exposed;


if ($attachment_before):

print $attachment_before;


if ($rows):

print $rows;

elseif ($empty):

print $empty;


if ($pager):
print $pager;

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mmm that never worked. Here is my block tpl with the accordian stuff added abut it. I did half random where i placed the code so theres a lot of room for me to be wrong.

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Do you still need any help with accordion? If so - could you please clarify - do you want to place all blocks in the sidebar to the accordion? Or something else?