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MD5: 2f7d98a40472c3698ed7aec13176bc51
SHA-1: 6e2e44790f8474e9f8453df182489ec7b0abc69d
SHA-256: e48de1f48ba367a752d4d7fd1ce1ce5b7ddd327152507c5079119ead93adc8f1
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MD5: eb847cde6473dc3053da2dced02050ac
SHA-1: 6dbc8bc9b5707a9f071bbd5f85bd57ca653af580
SHA-256: 56cdc244265a9fcd963dfa1c9ce6aa3ed07b86a0009f0d48717744185e094d87

Release info

Created by: Liam McDermott
Created on: March 19, 2013 - 04:04
Last updated: March 19, 2013 - 04:05
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-1.0-rc1:

  • #1789120 by Bastlynn: Fixed IPv6 Addresses too Long for user_stats_ips Table.
  • #1415916: 'User is a Day Older' Rule Event Trigger can potentially fail dangerously.
  • #1311696 by tarik916: Fixed user reset login count not working.
  • Removing translation directories
  • Stripping CVS keywords
  • #829134 by dereine, Liam McDermott: Fixed optimize performance of _user_stats_last_post().
  • #243350 by Magnus: Imported translation to localization server and removed CVS file.
  • #887966 by erikwebb: Added hook_default_user_stats for custom statistics.
  • #821846 by Michelle: Update Author Pane integration.
  • by liammdermott: fixed reg_days statistic as it was returning days since user access instead of days since registration.
  • by liammdermott: fixed cache set so it tests specifically for NULL (for real this time).
  • #742120 by quiptime: Added better visualisation of Offline and Online in Views field handler.
  • #629896 by fuerst: fixed Views filter broken with PostgreSQL.
  • #460754 by moviemaniac: added Italian translation.
  • #680680 by Kilgore Trout: Allow using Value as a filter in Views.
  • #722068 by Michelle, liammcdermott: fixed Author Pane template pre-process needs check for !== FALSE
  • #589184 by liammcdermott: fixed 'UID is not a number' errors and fixed superfluous checks for numeric uids.
  • by liammdermott: make cache set test specifically for NULL, so zeros are not discarded.
  • by Liam McDermott: Made example views disabled by default.
  • by Liam McDermott: Fixed problem with ip tracking views arguments not included in view paths.
  • #243350 by seals: Updated Swedish translation.
  • #479394 by liammcdermott: (part two) Fixed multiple errors when UID is not a number. Added check to user_stats_get_stats() to stop anonymous comment preview causing raising an error.
  • #466050 by liammcdermott: Rewrote is_online handlers to use {sessions}.
  • #47939 by liammcdermott: Added check for NULL uids in hook_comment() implementation.
  • [#448920] Views integration: Online / Offline Filter only shows online users