Views aren't loading properly, and I'm getting ajax errors, pages loading with text script, and overall admin side is very very slow to load. Popups in view are static, won't auto fill or allow clicking within popups.

Admin toolbar top tier is missing from the front of the site (not sure if this is theming, but it went wonky last week). Menus load, but the top/main headers aren't visible.

Would be awesome to get this resolved ASAP so I can pull custom reports.



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Our fork of cod_support, codzilla, was still requiring the admin module, which is redundant with admin_menu and causing a JS error that broke all the JS in the admin area. admin has been uninstalled on Portland and Prague.

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Ah, codzilla. Teh beast.

Well, the backend is noticeably faster (huge relief, thank you!) but I just tried to update the sessions view (data export) and got the same script explosion. The admin top level still isn't visible from the homepage at
Popups are also missing the drag+drop and autofilter functionality I love... is there a way to get that stuff back up + working?

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Features is turning the thing back on. I'm deleting it so it can't.

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Status: Fixed » Needs work

still getting the script error whenever i open a popup in a view - whether i click apply or cancel. (see comment 1 screenshot)

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Ok, I think this may really be fixed now. The root cause was indeed moving the jQuery update from the theme to the properly-installed module. Now we have the updated jQuery on admin too, and some issues are still being ironed out.

I applied patches from #1802198: Views UI breaks with jQueryUI 1.8.2 and #1947438: Update jQuery UI to the latest version (1.10.2) to the live site. I tested drag & drop on popups, and it is working. I was never able to reproduce the "script explosion", if it still happens please post more details on how to reproduce it. I think we can live with the admin menu not showing in non-admin areas.

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It was never anything special I did to get the script explosion. I'd open a view, go to edit it, and as soon as I tried to add or modify anything within the view *after* clicking away from the popup (either cancel or apply) the result was script explosion.

Seems to be working ok now - I was able to modify a few views successfully without trouble.

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