not sure if this is a support request, feature request or bug report.

how do i import a tamper config export? (please don't say using Features.. ughh).


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I'm interested in this too.

Feeds offers a hook for importing feed set ups via modules (like the example feeds import).

* Implementation of hook_feeds_importer_default().

Having a similar hook for importing feeds tamper plugin setups via file would allow creating self contained modules for an import with both feeds and feeds_tamper settings.

I'll look and see if there is such a hook or if one could be easily implemented.

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Any update on this? It would be very useful. Here is a code snippet of a similar function in the feeds module:

assuming your feeds importer config (that you exported) is $feeds_importer:

  $importer = feeds_importer($feeds_importer->id);
  foreach (array('fetcher', 'parser', 'processor') as $type) {

A similar API for feeds tamper would be nice.

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You need to implement hook_feeds_tamper_default, like this:

function MODULENAME_feeds_tamper_default() {

Then in order to your function be executed you should declare like this:

function MODULENAME_ctools_plugin_api($module = '', $api = '') {
    if (
$module == "feeds_tamper" && $api == "feeds_tamper_default") {
        return array(
"version" => "2");

Here you have a complete example

function dummy_module_ctools_plugin_api($module = '', $api = '') {
    if (
$module == "feeds_tamper" && $api == "feeds_tamper_default") {
        return array(
"version" => "2");

dummy_module_feeds_tamper_default() {
/*This is the code resulting after export a feed tamper*/
$export = array();

$feeds_tamper = new stdClass();
$feeds_tamper->disabled = FALSE; /* Edit this to true to make a default feeds_tamper disabled initially */
$feeds_tamper->api_version = 2;
$feeds_tamper->id = 'module_publication_importer-prd_code-keyword_filter';
$feeds_tamper->importer = 'module_publication_importer';
$feeds_tamper->source = 'prd_code';
$feeds_tamper->plugin_id = 'keyword_filter';
$feeds_tamper->settings = array(
'words' => 'DUMMY',
'word_boundaries' => 0,
'exact' => 0,
'case_sensitive' => 0,
'invert' => 0,
'word_list' => array(
0 => 'DUMMY',
'regex' => FALSE,
'func' => 'mb_stripos',
$feeds_tamper->weight = 0;
$feeds_tamper->description = 'Keyword filter';

$export[$feeds_tamper->id] = $feeds_tamper;
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still no progress?

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Ideally i think the Feed export should contain the Feed Tamper export; would that not make the most sense here? This way, a feed export is completely self-contained - and it also would fix this issue where there is no feed tamper importer (which is pretty silly to have an exporter with no importer).

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Title:how to import a tamper export?» Add Tamper plugin importer.
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#3 is correct, the export mechanism is meant for creating a custom module.

We could add an import form, I guess, but using Features or a custom module is really the way to go.

If somebody wants to implement this, I am willing to commit it.

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I've created a module for my Feeds Tamper default using the code above as a guide and replacing the dummy Feeds Tamper export code with my own.

I enabled my module and cleared all caches, but I don't see any difference in the Feeds Tamper UI. The blank defaults are still there.

Is there another step I'm missing?

All I hope to achieve is duplicate an existing Feeds Tamper config.

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ajf__ I can confirm that the code in #3 works. Be aware that you do need to add "return $export;" at the end of the MYMODULE_feeds_tamper_default() function, after you paste the code provided by the export tab of the feeds tamper ui interface.

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sorry guys.. #3 is not the way to do this and it is not the solution for what i was asking.

like most things which have an exporter; they also have an importer (importer form as twistor mentions in #6) - writing a custom module to import setup.. really??

and, as i suggested above, the best way for this seems to be that the feeds config exporter include the tamper export and then the feeds importer (already an importer form for this) use that "complete" export to build both the feed and tamper config.

never looked at importer/exporter code but perhaps i should take a look.. :)