I am getting this error message:

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 403
Debugging information follows.
Path: /system/ajax
StatusText: Forbidden

When the multi column display is enabled, the error happens. It does not in happen in a 1 col display
Interestingly enough this only happens on one node type. The error seems to have started happening after I put in a ds custom ds code field that I later removed.
The other types seem to be fine.

In any case I cannot make a 2 col stacked layout happen in this content type.
I have gone into the DB table "ds_layout_settings" and cleared the layouts for this node type, but it does not seem to help.

This is a simple thing, but annoying.
Is there anyway to "reset" this content type. I really do not feel like re-installing DS and reconfiguring all of the layouts.


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Well, I thought I tried everything, but not quite.

I found out that there is a conflict between Display Suite and the Chosen (http://drupal.org/project/chosen) module.
When the Chosen configuration is set to engage all, the time it kills the Ajax in the Display Suite multi-column display configuration screen.
Wow, how's that for an arcane use case bug? Sheesh!
So I am not sure if this is a bug here or with Chosen, or maybe it is not a bug at all.
Anyway, hope this information is useful for others who might have this problem.

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Title: Ajax error when working with multi-column displays » Ajax error when working with multi-column displays and chosen module

Updating title so it's more easily to spot - I'll try to look at it this weekend - should be fairly easy to get around it - there's a form api key I can set to tell chosen to ignore a select or not IIRC.

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Thanks, I was totally baffled on this one.
I really like using the DS module.

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Title: Ajax error when working with multi-column displays and chosen module » Ajax error when working with multi-column displays and Chosen (module)
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Hello, i'm using the latest v.1 dev (7.x-1.x-dev) and facing the same ajax error everytime i try to change a format settings on any content type where i applied a layout with ds. This error doesn't show up if i stay with default layout.
I'm using jqueryUpdate but even disabling it (and clearing cache etc..) doesn't solve the problem.
Edit: i'm not using chosen module.
Edit 2:
It seems like turning off mod_security via htaccess solves the problem.
I Added this:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
  SecFilterEngine Off
  SecFilterScanPOST Off

and no more ajax forbidden error.
Now i haven't got a lot of knowledge about low level server security, but i suppose there must be a better solution than bypassing mod_security, since i guess this one could potentially open security holes.

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I have the exact same error any time I try to make changes on the "manage display" tab. I'm using Display Suite 7.x-1.7 and Drupal core 7.21. I didn't have jquery update installed, but installed it to see if that helped. No change. Added the code to .htaccess mentioned by zikaelismik, but that did not work. I do not have the Chosen module installed. The log reports an AJAX warning: "Invalid form POST data."

I plan to back up the site and dive in with 7.x-2.2 (have been hesitating since I have quite a few things configured with DS and anticipate I'll have to redo a bunch of displays and CSS) to see if this resolves it. I use DS on half a dozen sites with no issues -- just this site so far.

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Finally set aside enough time to work on this (planning for the worst)... I had already updated all the other modules and the core to the latest versions and saw no changes. Today, I updated DS from 7.x-1.7 to 7.x-2.x dev (dated 5/5/13) and the error is gone (I can make changes to the display without the ajax error). Most of my settings (except the few CSS edits I had) appear to have been retained. I had about 7 content types that were customized with the old version of DS and they all appear to be intact (same layout, only minor things to readjust). I did NOT uninstall the previous DS version -- I just wiped the DS module folder and replaced it with the latest dev and then ran update.php. Of all the sites I work on, this is one of the more basic for DS customizations, but there were enough that I anticipated half a day rebuilding everything from scratch. It appears that won't be needed.

Just wanted to share for those who may be considering moving from 1.7 to 2.2 (even though it's not suggested by those working on the module). Not saying it won't "ruin" other sites, but with mine, it seems to have gone pretty smoothly AND it resolved my "forbidden" ajax error that made it impossible to keep my multi-column layouts if I wanted to make any changes.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

I also tried this with latest chosen, latest Drupal core and can't reproduce so it looks like this is somehow solved.

Reopen if you have clear steps to reproduce with right versions of modules (also, in case you're on an older version of core, I will ignore)

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THANK YOU! I had been getting the Ajax error on just a few content types and nothing I tried would work to make it go away, so I could not move fields around for those display views. I upgraded to Display Suite ds-7.x-2.6 and the problem went away. Just want to post here that this worked for me in case anyone else has this problem - there are not many posts about Ajax errors specific to "Manage display."

Most of my settings were fine - I only had to add a few extra classes (and can probably delete many more) in my global css file (Omega theme). I think the ds styles I had for full page displays are the only ones that did not carry over.

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I had the same AJAX error. I had DisplaySuite 7.x-2.10 and Read More Control 7.x-1.2 installed (which didn't seem to be working together for me, in any case).

Uninstalling Read More Control seemed to be what fixed the issue for me. I've had other Ajax issues previously on this site, though, so there could be other factors involved.

(Before that worked, I had tried disabling jQuery Update, Display Suite and its sub-modules, as well as flushing caches, but none of those solutions had worked for me). I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else runs into the same thing...