I have nodejs running, and can see it doing something when I send a System-wide Broadcast Notification
and when I change drupalchat to use Node.js , I cant see any users...
There any way someone could help me trouble shoot this..?



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This is weird.
I can get drupalchat working with the ajax backend method, but not nodejs.
Nodejs is working for everything else.

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Same issue here, it seems this is only compatible with older versions of nodejs? 3 years ago, so not sure, trying to get this to work myself.


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In addition nodejs 7.12 has been refactored.

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So are we beating a dead horse here trying to get this to work with the latest versions of nodejs?

I am running:
Drupal nodejs: 7.x-1.12
Drupal Chat: 7.x-1.8
Nodjs: v4.3.1
nmp : 2.14.12

My nodeserver is running and logging correctly as far as i can see before I add the chat extension. I renamed my extension file to chat_nodejs.server.extension.js

When adding the extension I can see it gets loaded ie:
Extension loaded: /chat_nodejs.server.extension.js
Started http server.

But then also produces the following error:

if (this.sockets[sessionId]) {

TypeError: Cannot read property 'sockets' of undefined

My config file:

backendSettings = {
"scheme": "http",
"host": "localhost",
"port": 8888,
"key": "/path/to/key/file",
"cert": "/path/to/cert/file",
"resource": "/socket.io",
"publishUrl": "publish",
"serviceKey": "",
"backend": {
"port": 80,
"host": "localhost",
"messagePath": "/[sitename]/nodejs/message"
"clientsCanWriteToChannels": false,
"clientsCanWriteToClients": false,
"extensions": ["/chat_nodejs.server.extension.js"],
"debug": true,
"transports": ["websocket",
"jsMinification": true,
"jsEtag": true,
"logLevel": 1

Please note im just using [sitename] as a ref... I also tried adding the extension to the root of the app, and not in the extensions folder... same result.

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I can confirm this error.

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I can confirm this too

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I change drupalchat to use Node.js , I cant see any users...

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There is a new rewrite of nodejs and drupalchat needs to be updated.

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Title: Drupal chat not working with node.js » Drupal chat not working with node.js - rewrite for new nodejs module
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