It seems that this module is lacking domain integration or Ctools domain integration?

Is this correct ?


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Title: Domain / Ctools Domain integration » Domain / Ctools Domain integration proposal UI ++
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Well I found it when you edit the panel, from the admin interface you have somehting like view acess and then there you can select domain access ... these are a lot of steps.

So I propose to have something like this:

This way it is a lot easier to manage.

But the problem is I cannot find a way to hook into the access part :(

Can anyone help me out ?

Thanks guys; !

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Hi Michael,

did you manage to do something with this?

I can see my domain access settings in my panels setup but not in my fieldable panel panes.
I tried both the stable release and the current DEV of domain cTools / fieldable panel panes, cleared caches ...

So when I create or edit a fieldable panel, I cannot see any domain configuration

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I found the access control setting going by the fieldable panel panes admin.
There you can indeed set a context regarding domain access but it is (like you said before) not very user friendly to put it that far away.

Would be nice if it was available using the IPE

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Domain_entity is good workaround
(2 years later)