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MD5: f51e307952872e85787566d8bd59a233
SHA-1: 22920f28c33469c4153042f92372175e6b7e35e3
SHA-256: 041b9a64c8525db89990092f7be5ee45792a003b549c2757ac3be6acb54c4dc7
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MD5: 4f7fb4b77fbd188f80c11a6d6c88e13e
SHA-1: a54216196846dd6df3d1987e81132bf39e2b55c5
SHA-256: ac0e253010f52b3370b128e66a0c5989142aa3089949e727c1a536f3d1f7150f
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/workflow:^1.1'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: NancyDru
Created on: 15 Mar 2013 at 14:14 UTC
Last updated: 25 Nov 2013 at 22:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Lots of bug fixes.
Performance improvements.
Major restructure of admin UI.
Workflow form detached from comment form.
Workflow status and form are fields that can be controlled under "Manage display."

Issue #1783854 by antojose: Allow setting comment in Rules.
Issue #1891446 by interX: Allow grouped filters.
Issue #1922262 by NancyDru, hwold: Fix join. misc. improvements.
Issue #1540824 by NancyDru: Improve Admin UI.
Issue #1908520 by NancyDru: Set state of pre-existing nodes.
Issue #1922422 by NancyDru: Correct state name creation in Tokens.
Issue #155547 by NancyDru: Tab form should call hook_workflow().
Issue #1818424 by NancyDru: Add doc for hook_workflow_operations.
Issue #1918424 by NancyDru: More complete api doc.
Get rid of temp.patch.
Issue #385038 by flyingkiki, NancyDru: Fix double history. Minor corrections.
Issue #1802216 by NancyDru: Improve scheduling time form section.
Issue #1418622 by NancyDru: Fix tokens during transition.
Issue #1784092 by wamilton: stop double saving nodes.
remove accidental file
Issue #1900488 by NancyDru: load comment in node_load. #1904740 by NancyDru: suppress form at terminal state. Performance improvements.
Issue #1532646 by wonder95: Add search api module.
Issue #1493012 by kid_icarus: Better views.
Issue #1900480 by NancyDru for Dave Reid: Move tokens stuff to separate file.
Issue #1418622 by Dave Reid: Fix tokens.
Issue #1427006 by NancyDru: Fix transition rule.
Issue #1893542 by NancyDru: Transition form by perms.
Issue #1893724 by NancyDru: transition form by perms.
Issue #1895712 by NancyDru: Fix form when only one state.
Issue #1896422 by NancyDru: Fix token message.
Correct theming in form.
Minor corrections to README
Issue #1856180 by NancyDru: Correct update to not fail.
Issue #1475930 by Bastlynn.
Issue #1874400 by Nancydru.
Issue #1884630 by NancyDru.
Issue #1891374 by NancyDru.
Coder finds.
Issue #1550274 by dynamicdan, gofs: egregious typo
Adding features include on revert so it's avail during install / enable.
UI improvement in Rules interface when there are more than one Workflows available.
Issue #1471014 by Bastlynn: removing node_save from workflow tab.
Issue #558378 by hefox: Features round 2 cleanup.
Issue #1426844 by onegenius: Correcting for missing history information errs.
Issue #1424008 by Bastlynn: handling no workflows setup w/ Workflow Views turned on.
Issue #1421518 by DuaelFr: Workflow access warnings on new nodes
Issue #1468810 by firewolf, Morten Najbjerg, sbrege Strict warnings re: render and form
Issue #1469798 by Bastlynn: errs thrown on rules change when old state = new state.
Issue #1468810 Timezones in scheduler
Issue #1426844 by Bastlynn: Adding catch re: propery of last_history object being empty when node is not a workflow content type.
Issue #1424008 by Bastlynn: Accounting for trying to go to views pg with workflow_views active, but no workflows in system.
Issue #1400352 by Bastlynn: Fixing an error appearing udner E_STRICT in admin UI re: creating a default object.
Something got wierd betwen the push/pull for this commit so trying that again.
Issue #1386430 by dylanhuang (patch by dozymoe): Views filter shows unknown when state selected in multi-workflow environment.
Issue #1386430 by dylanhuang (patch by dozymoe): Views filter shows unknown when state selected in multi-workflow environment.
Correcting for doubled ,, in install schema.
Issue #1405688 by wonder95: Path length correction for trigger path.
Issue #1405688 by hefox: Coder standards.
Issue #1924004 by evaldas.uzkuras: Fix bad variable.
Fix typo in api. Add hook_requirements to show that worflows are active.
Issue #1924174 by NancyDru: Fix menu error on state delete.
Issue 1925162 by fgm: Call time reference error.
Issue #1924182 by NancyDru: Correct initial state name in edit form.
Issue #1926746 by shenzhuxi: Fix some php warnings.
Issue #1781308 by NancyDru: Change node form to vertical tab.
Issue #1926556 by NancyDru: Back to transition on node creation.
Issue #1550992 by chadhester: Add Previous Comment Author for Views.
Issue #1926800 by NancyDru: Fix operations links.
Issue #1865754 by NancyDru for leelooch: Add reminder to state add form.
Issue #1540412 by NancyDru: Allow timezones for transition scheduling.
Issue #1930638 by NancyDru, shenzhuxi: Undefined variable.
Issue #1540824 by NancyDru: Improve Admin UI.
Issue #1931032 by NancyDru: Add missing js file.
Issue #1931778 by NancyDru: Add breadcrumbs to access page.
Add admin ui css.
Issue #1350900 by loze: list states grouped by workflow.
Issue #1540824 by NancyDru: More Admin UI improvements.
Issue #1931948 by NancyDru: Use menu loaders to simplify menu.
Issue #1347116 by NancyDru: New Workflow_Cleanup module.
Issue #1509568 by fgm: Access control export.
Issue #1933466 by fgm: Remove Admin UI warning, repair redirection on workflow_access admin submit.
Issue #1768350 by NancyDru: Correct test and message for type page.
Issue #1380954 by Bastlyn, DRippstein: Add node_actions triggers.
Issue #1909922 by NancyDru: Add warning on Access UI page about content permissions.
Issue #1691870 by berenddeboer: Allow Rules to bypass permissions on transition.
Issue #1540914 by NancyDru: Pass parms in node form; allow comment alter at transition.
Issue #1744612 by NancyDru: Move VBO stuff into its own module.


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