I would like to attempt creating a layout as I've attached.

Basically, I'm wanting to have full browser width regions into which I can throw things like a quote or text that I'd like to spotlight. Here's an example of a page that has this sort of layout: http://www.sasquatchfestival.com/

I know I could modify the template to add in full width regions, but because of the way Panels typically works, we would typically see only on Main Content region per page.

If there some magical way to accomplishing what I'm describing?

desiredlayout.jpg25.31 KBdecade
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Only via custom CSS, you can set the width to 100% and then code in narrower widths for the regions you don't want to be full width.

I wonder if Omega can do this, since it uses Zones, I am not sure if you can set a width per Zone via settings, if you can you could try it. Otherwise use custom CSS, I would think any theme you would need something custom to do that.

I just did this in a theme I am working on now, its not hard.

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Ha, it was more obvious than I thought! Thank Jeff.

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Good stuff.

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