I recently had to do some theme overrides to inject file bundle types (image, video) as a CSS class for gallery thumbnails. I think bundle/filetype classes would be helpful to others.

For example: .file-bundle-type-video or similar.


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Issue tags:+CSS, +theme

One example for those who need this now. In your template.php file you will probably need to override theme_media_gallery_block_thumbnail():

function YOURTHEME_media_gallery_block_thumbnail($variables) {
// ...
$classes = $lightbox ? array('media-gallery-thumb', 'cbEnabled') : array('media-gallery-thumb');
$classes[] = $element['#bundle']; // <---- Add file/bundle type class
$gallery_id = $element['#media_gallery_entity']->nid;
// ... rest of the function's code...