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Drupal Restaurant Distribution

The Restaurant Distribution has everything you need to kickstart your restaurant website. It comes with a menu management system, a reservation system, a customizable blog and events management.

It comes with a responsive theme that can be easily customized.


  • Menu management system.
  • Built-in reservation system.
  • A customizable blog for your restaurant.
  • Events and calendar.
  • Widgets: Map, social links, hours and location, and contact forms.
  • Drag and drop functionality to build pages.
  • Responsive out of the box. Works on all your devices.
  • Awesome support.


Try it out on Pantheon

Click here to spin a new restaurant website in minutes.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Just thought I would add a quick message about the database. If you are on a MAC using MAMP, you will need to add a my.cnf file to the MAMP conf file. On my setup you can find this at:


You'll see a long list of .php versions. This is the directory to save your new file titled my.cnf into.

Here are a list of things to try... Your experience may vary.