sorry for my english but google translate is my friend.

Scald in the right we have: "See any atom marked as Visible."
Each member and visitor can see all the atoms on the site.
Only if a member adds an atom in the document manager, other members can see and use what has been said in this document manager.
How to ensure that all members are atoms on the site, but NOT in the Document Manager.

In the picture attached: All documents have been added with the administrator account. Now I see everything with a member account, and I can use the images.

How to separate these rights?

thank you

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I suppose that you just want to filter the library, because it your case it makes no sense that user inserts into an article an atom that nobody else can see.

To do what you want, you have to modify the library view, add a contextual filter on the current user so that each user can "browser" his own atoms.

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Thank you for the tip. I put a lot of time to find because I was not in the right colone in view! :/
So this is a real child's play!

Thank you! Scald is adopted for my site!

You can mark it as resolved. :)

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