Background details:

*Some* of our users are also employees. We have a "Staff" content type that is flagged for use with Content Profile.

Each staff member has one of two roles: "Full-time Staff" or "Part-time Staff". There are two additional roles: "Manager" and "HR Admin".

We don't want employees editing their own employee information, so we are restricting access to that to ONLY the HR Admin role.

The problem:

When I'm signed-in as admin (super user), I can edit another user's profile and see the "Employee Information" tab (which is the Staff content type). When signed in as a user with HR Admin role and edit another user's profile, I don't see the "Employee Information" tab at all. It's as if showing that tab is based on the user being viewed, not the signed-in user.


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I was successfully able to configure a role to see the profile tab once it has been created, but have not been able to grant other (non-super user) users the ability to create new profile nodes.

When they try to visit node/add/profile it automatically sends them to their own profile node for editing.

Again, this role can allow to edit a user account but not see the profile tab.

Seems like I saw a module to generate profile nodes from basic Drupal profile modules somewhere before. I'm going to try that and see what happens.