Hi, I actually added this question to another question concerning the same problem, but the question may be outdated.

Trying to install 7.x-1.11-beta8. This list of modules missing here, both in the tar-ball and the zip-file.

Required modules Required modules not found.
The following modules are required but were not found. Move them into the appropriate modules subdirectory, such as sites/all/modules. Missing modules: Admin_menu_toolbar, Content_taxonomy, Content_taxonomy_autocomplete, Filefield_sources, File_styles, Fontyourface_ui, Fusion_accelerator, Fusion_apply_ui, Google_fonts_api, Node_reference, Page_manager, References_dialog, Rss_category, Rss_creator, Rss_enclosure, Styles_ui, User_reference, Views_bulk_operations, Views_slideshow_cycle, Openchurch_ministry, Openchurch_ministry_demo_content, Openchurch_blog, Openchurch_blog_demo_content, Openchurch_bulletin, Openchurch_bulletin_demo_content, Openchurch_events, Openchurch_events_demo_content, Openchurch_gallery, Openchurch_gallery_demo_content, Openchurch_giving, Openchurch_giving_demo_content, Openchurch_homepage_rotator, Openchurch_homepage_rotator_demo_content, Openchurch_image, Openchurch_podcast, Openchurch_podcast_demo_content, Openchurch_social, Openchurch_staff, Openchurch_staff_demo_content, Openchurch_video, Openchurch_video_demo_content, Openchurch_defaults, Openchurch_defaults_demo_content

screenshot attached. I guess that the problem concerning mb_string relates to making a correct .htaccess

I've tried (several times) both downloading gzip'ed and zip'ed version. Same result, the listed modules seems to be absent.

Do I have to install the no-core package as well -- if so, then I would like to know how.



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OK, now I've learned a lot. You must download both the core and the no-core packages, upload the contents of the no-core-package to sites/all/ folder.

Maybe it's obvious. It would be nice if this information was part of the download-instructions.


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You should just download the zip or tarball from the main page (See screenshot). I will need more information to see why it is not detecting the modules. Send me a screenshot of your main docroot with the profiles directory expanded. It should have the openchurch profile at /profiles/openchurch.

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I see this is a duplicate issue - http://drupal.org/node/1789112