sample images take up to much space ~7mb

I know 7mb is not a big deal but it does add up.

Do you really need to include large sample images.
Perhaps reduce the quality and use fewer of them.


#4 flexslider-assets-images.zip1.55 MBjamestamr


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Yeah I got them from a photographer friend of mine. I do need to "save for web" them. I do want to keep them a high resolution so that I can use them to demo the responsiveness and for retina displays. But yeah, they need to be shrunk down.

If you can resave them for me that'd be great, just post them here. Dropping the res to 2880px wide (and whatever for height) is fine as that's the largest display I know of for retina stuff.

Otherwise it'll be whenever I get around to this :-S

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Thanks, I'm a busy guy to :/
Wish I had an assistant.

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+1 for fixing this... this is a real PITA for us. we ship a built distro, and this increases our distro size by 8mb.

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Reducing JPEG quality down to 30 and resizing to 2880xXXXX comes in at just over 1.5MB which is still too much IMO but zip file of files attached.

Is the example module really going to be used that much? Could the generate content function download the images from a CDN when the module is enabled as an alternative?

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If someone wants to write a patch that does so I'm all for it. The images are going to be used with the live preview functionality once in place. Not just for the examples module.

The images now are much smaller but I'll see if they can be shrunk some more.

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They're as small as I care to make them right now. But I'll try to shrink them as time goes on (i.e. once the live preview is in place).

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