Hi Jeff,
on ie8 the menu toggle is showing above the standard primary links and is not hidden. I tried to hide it through css, but it breaks the site since it is a script.

thanks again for the awesome theme!



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I have investigated this further and it appears that ie8 will never fully support responsive design and alot of people in the industry don't seem to be interested in fully fixing this. Although respond.js fixes many issues, mobile menu toggles seem to still cause issues. Here's a rundown:

-Internet Explorer 8 predates the 'responsive' design era as well as HTML5 and CSS3.
-Twitter Bootstrap(Twitter's responsive framework) doesn't work in IE8.
-Even WordPress(another very popular CMS) has officially abandoned ie8 support on their responsive site designs.
-Microsoft is even replacing IE with Safari for mobile devices.
-Google is planning to drop support for ie8 later this year
-With IE6 and IE7 abandoned, the problem child that is IE8 remains. It currently has a market share of about 12%, and this number will differ greatly per specific site.

If I am incorrect in this, please let me know. I was hoping there would be a solution to force ie8 to play nicely with the mobile menu, but maybe not.

Edit: just wanted to say that if ie support was dropped in general across the board I would throw a party:)

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In my experience there is really no point in making IE8 responsive, only WinPhone7 users IE7 and honestly it has so few users they can just get a non-responsive experience, so yes I am firmly in the camp of leaving these legacy browsers to do their thing as they were designed and not try to hard to force them to support modern web practices. Sure I still polyfill for some things (e.g. box sizing is hard to pass up).

I agree, IE8 is definitely on the way out, IE9 and above are simply so much better.