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You can control many aspects of the animation for each html-element individually. Just use the following data-attributes on the element.

position of the element inside the slider. Format: “top,left” in pixels

data-in / data-out
type of the in-animation/out-animation (default is left)
possible values: fade, none ,left, topLeft, bottomLeft, right, topRight, bottomRight, top, bottom
none lets the element just appear/disappear at the desired location
the direction-type values define the direction in which the element is animated.
example: data-in="left":the element will start right side of the slider and move left till its at the target location
example: data-out="left": the element will move left till its out of the slider

data-ease-in / data-ease-out
easing for the animations (you can use all in jquery-ui contained easing methods)

time after which the elements animation is complete. It will start at the beginning of the slide/step, or after its specificed delay

time in ms before the in transition starts (in the current step / see steps)

You can group your elements in different steps. All animation of one step will start at the same time (maybe with your choosen element-specific data-delay). Elements of the next step will not start before the previous step is finished. If an element has no data-step attribute the plugin will thread it as having data-step=”0″.


<p data-position="10,50" data-step="0">I start first</p>
<p data-position="10,50" data-step="0">me to</p>
<a data-position="10,50" data-step="1">I start when both paragraphs are finished</a>

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huma2000’s picture

I want to make it working with a content type, I créate a content type with the fields:
Title -> First text to appear
Image -> Background image
Bosy -> Text to appear last

How can I do it?


monymirza’s picture

You have to customize your code. In views, it will not work.

anthony0perez’s picture

Can you data-ease-in / data-ease-out with just the wysiwig editor under admin/config/user-interface/fractionslider?