I figure... I'm missing something so obvious, but I am new to Compass, Sass, Susy, Aurora... pretty much everything here.

I created a theme with aurora/susy and everything seemed to work fine, until I tried to use a container in my _layout partial:

$total-columns: 12;
$column-width: 4em;
$gutter-width: 1em;
$grid-padding: $gutter-width; 
.page { @include container; }

Results in:

error sass/style.scss (Line 17 of sass/partials/layout/_layout.scss: Undefined mixin 'container'.)

I know this is not likely a bug, I just can't figure out where I'm missing some sort of include.

Here's my environment:

bootstrap-sass (
breakpoint (1.3)
chunky_png (1.2.7)
compass (0.12.2)
compass-aurora (1.1.1)
compass-normalize (1.4.2)
fssm (0.2.9)
modular-scale (1.0.6)
respond-to (2.6)
rubygems-update (1.8.24)
sass (3.2.5)
sassy-buttons (0.1.4)
sassy-math (1.5)
sassy-strings (0.3.1)
singularitygs (0.0.17)
susy (2.0.0.alpha.1, 1.0.5)
toolkit (0.2.6)


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Did you figure this out?

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

You have Susy 2.x alpha installed, which has had the Container mixin removed. When installing new gems, especially large updates and pre releases, please do the proper regression testing to ensure that they do not break your current build. For this reason, I encourage you to use Bundler to keep your theme's required gems at their proper versions. Documentation for using Bundler has been added to the main document.