i am trying to find the way to translate the variation title with entity translation.
i use title module to be able to translate.

i put here my configuration:
in the "product variation" field edit form, i dont select "Auto generate the product title" to be able to write the title.
in the variation title field, i set it to be translatable.

if in the product display i set the "product variation" field translatable, when i go to translate, i get all fields to be translated (like SKU), even if they are set as untranslatable in the variation. that i dont want because i will need a different sku for each language.
if i dont set it translatable, then when i go to the translation form, the field doesnt show. neither i get a translate tab when i edit the variation only.

any tip on how to solve this?
other way that i can edit the other languages titles to be able to edit them?
thanks a lot :)


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I have similar problems.

Temporary workaround for me is to add a Taxonomy term field in the product variations, then hide the Title field.

  1. The translation of Taxonomy term is set to "Localize. Terms are common for all languages, but their name and description may be localized. "
  2. In the production variation, manage display, set the Taxonomy term display format to "Plain text (Localize)".


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Title: translating variation types: variation title field » Translating variation types: variation title field
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Moving to the Commerce queue as its a Product entity support request

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Pretty sure this has been fixed since then thanks to plach.