Download linkit-7.x-2.6.tar.gztar.gz 52.36 KB
MD5: 7e5fdf70d93085e12b4d4a3c43b90124
SHA-1: 082b92386602a870a5f70fbfdf606d82c1209f57
SHA-256: d503e5e7b74a0c4ea911dff9d5ca89d1c416f17bac94b9347fe2550f889404b3
Download linkit-7.x-2.6.zipzip 68.34 KB
MD5: 7d3acedc3ff644d1e7003f309f5e0115
SHA-1: cd648f2f7f10cce4765d0354d11030cc894b5ec6
SHA-256: a9daa9509931c000f27b4a4f3e964e088dfabc141805cb43447c56365fd2a282

Release info

Created by: anon
Created on: 9 Mar 2013 at 20:48 UTC
Last updated: 7 Jan 2015 at 20:47 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • Added #1462194 - Title population for Link fields.
  • Fixed #1848056 - Insertion of link to unpublished node contains unwanted markup.
  • Fixed small error when inserting link without any selection in ckeditor.
  • Added #1914236 by emattias, anon - Show reverse menu trail if result has menu item(s).
  • Fixed #1916630 - ->serach_string should be ->search_string
  • Fixed #1915086 - Inserting link not working in IE9 and below when making text selection (with ckeditor 4)
  • Fixed #1893010 - Some messages are not translated.
  • Use build in clear functions for tokens that is not replaced instead of regexp.
  • Fixed #1871014 - Remove unreplaced tokens
  • Fixed #1800824 by auth - Page requests without html wrapper returns 500 error.
  • Fixed #1729796 - Title search does not work for titles with apostrophe or other punctuations in them.
  • Fixed #1673822 - LinkIt dialog does not appear in full screen (maximized) editor mode.
  • Fixed #1641718 - Remove link to IMCE from label
  • Fixed #1606364 - No save button when importing a profile.
  • Fixed #1531926 - Linkit button in wysiwyg fails if no text is selected.
  • Fixed #1554940 - Managed file support.


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