I successfully tried this sample string as content:

I know view_mode can be full or teaser.

Now I would like to include a view in here. Is that possible ? What is then needed for entity_type and entity_id ?

And if views are not possible, what other options are there for entity_type ?


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One way of showing views (or anything else) is by attaching / including it to a node.
For a view the module Entity View Attachment could be used: http://drupal.org/project/eva

Is that the way to go ?

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I'd also really appreciate some examples of how to use the campaign macros.

The macro in the example below seems to have the entity_id is hard-coded into the macro. Is there a way of generating the nodes to be called based on CCK fields (for example limiting nodes to those published in the last two weeks and that have a checked field of 'including in mailchimp newsletter')? Or are there some other ways to use Mailchimp Campaign macros?


It would be great to hear about how other users have been adapting the above macro to pull the nodes they want.

Thanks in advance,


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Issue summary: View changes

Subscribing. So far, I've just been using macro template above and experimenting with node number and teaser, default, etc. I think I might create another Content Type custom display (if it's possible to do this via "Custom display settings" on the content type, if not adapt the 'full content' custom display ), call it 'Mailchimp article' and add it to several content types to format each in the same way (i.e. similar image size, text summary length, etc.) once they're pulled into MailChimp.