Is any way I can show translated text in the slideshow section (which is printed through page.tpl.php) when the corresponding language is selected (using the Internationalization module) ? If not, any thoughts about any other way that I could translate them?

Thanks for your time.


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i don't know if this is the best solution but..
..it work for me : )

in page.tpl.php take the code
from <!-- #banner --><div id="banner">
to </div><!-- EOF: #banner --> ( practically all slideshow, php code included )
and put it into a separate and previously created file called slideshow_en.php
be aware of the _en extension which should be equal to the language-name
then you can create different files named for example slideshow_it.php for italian ecc ecc ..

lastly put in place of the removed code in page.tpl.php the follow:

global $language;

$slideshow_to_include='slideshow_' . $language->language . '.php';
include $slideshow_to_include;
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Is this the best way to do it?
In general I'm having issues with using this theme on a multi-lingual site.
I've changed the logo but it is only showing for the Enlglish site. How do I set the same logo for all the different language sites?

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#1 worked for me. Thank you very much!

For LTech, another solution should be a slideshow view instead of the slideshow of Corporate Clean. It depends on the number of language you have to manage ;-).