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Last updated: March 8, 2013 - 14:20

Release notes

Lots of small fixes and tweaks.

Major changes:

  • Themed Views UI
  • Themed Overlay
  • 2 column node form with vertical tabs (additional) in a sidebar
  • Themed horizontal tabs from Fieldgroup module
  • Styling of filter format below textareas

Full notes:

  • Fixes for dblof filter layout
  • Added support for overlay module
  • Added custom template for overlay pages
  • Tweaks for views secondary list
  • Tweaks to views ui dialog
  • Tweaks to jquery ui icons
  • Initial theming views ui
  • fixed height on collapsed fieldsets
  • Fixed inline container fieldsets without legend
  • Changed small fontsize
  • Fieldset without a title don't get the proper no legend class
  • Fixed fieldset without label have lots of whitespace
  • Fixed description alignment issue for checkboxes and radios
  • Rewrite of module css includes
  • Added support for fieldgroup horizontal tabs
  • Changed default border-radius to 2px
  • Renamed fieldset group class
  • Tweaks to vertical tabs layout
  • Added fieldset collapsable indicators
  • Fixed undefined index fieldgroup
  • Fixed fieldset collapse entities
  • Fixed fieldset incosistencies
  • Added styling for sidebar additional settings
  • Added container to the sidebar additional settings
  • Removed empty css declarations
  • Added support for fieldgroup tabs as vertical tabs in node form sidebar
  • Added two column node form with vertical tabs in sidebar
  • Added styling for text filter and wysiwyg
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