I just tested the Mobile Menu feature on a Droid smartphone, sorry I don't know what OS version or Browser version. (Whatever version it is plays nice with OM Maximenu.) It's about 18 months old.

I've made the development site live since it's nearly complete: http://naitauba.adidafoundation.org

The mobile menu toggle works fine for regular desktop browser, but not for the Android phone. Here's my experience:
The menu does become a single button, whether text or icon (I tested both). That's fine.
I can see that the link is active (it glows green).
But the menu does not drop down (whether text or icon). So effectively, the site is menu-less.

I'll be able to test it on an iPad tomorrow, and I'll see if I can get the Android info -- so more details will follow.


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Title: Mobile Menu Toggle not working on Android smartphone » Mobile Menu Toggle - add matchMedia polyfill
Category: bug » feature
Priority: Critical » Normal

Assuming this is an unsupported version of Android (2 or earlier).

The plan was to add the matchMedia polyfill, which hasn't happened as yet.

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This has now been added to DEV. Enable it by going to the Polyfills tab and checking the box, then save settings as per normal.

Diane, can you give this a whirl if you have time (you may need to wait a bit for the DEV version to update, say 12 or 24 hours), I have limited access to Droid devices this weekend.

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OK, I was able to fire up the Android SDK on this machine and test, I had to make a couple of changes which I just committed and its working in Android 2, so hooray, just be sure to turn on those matchMedia polyfills and clear the cache if you have JS Aggregation turned on.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Pretty much fixed afaict, did test a lot with various versions of Android 2, mostly 2.3.3.

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Great! You Rock! Do you know if this handles Blackberry as well (before I bug my BB-bearing buddy to test again)?

PS... sorry I didn't spot the notification when you replied.

Who-hoo!! Yay it works on Droid Incredible II! I will now bother my BB buddy for confirmation it works for him as well.

UPDATE: Is happy on Blackberry too! Looks like a keeper!

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Hey, great feed back Diane, thank you very much for confirming Blackberry, awesome.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.