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This page shows how to create a sub-theme using drush to quickly get started with a custom theme on top of the Omega base theme.

Drupal provides a theme inheritance capability that lets you create sub-themes which inherit all the properties of a base theme with the exception of those that you choose to override. Since Omega is a base theme there is no reason to hack or edit it directly.

Before you begin, you must have drush installed and configured. For more information, see Specific instructions for installing Drush on different platforms. NOTE: The drush omega-* command might fail to locate Omega, if so. Enable the Omega theme and set it as default. This is due to a bug/limitation in drush. Downgrading drush to 5.x/6.x or stepping up to 8.x might fix it.

Omega, ships with two commands for generating a subtheme. One is a wizard, and the other creates the subtheme in one go. It is always suggested to use the wizard as it does not require you to remember the syntax for specifying the desired options. However, if you want to write a script that, among other things, generates the subtheme for you on the fly you might prefer the direct command.

Creating a subtheme with the wizard is as easy as drilling into your Drupal directory in terminal, and typing the following command and answering the questions asked by the wizard:

drush omega-wizard

This will automatically generate a new sub-theme based on one of the available starterkit blueprints. Once finished, you should be able to find your new theme in the selected destination (defaults to sites/all/themes).

If you receive an error message you may need to clear the Drush cache:

drush cc drush

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I know that with Drush is the best, fastest way, but how may I manually create a subtheme in Omega 4?
Is Drush the only way?!

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Create Omega 4 Sub Theme Without Drush YouTube Tutorial

**Personally , I'm not a big command line fan, BUT i just installed Drush & spend sometime to know what it has to offer, worth the effort. And regarding creating the Sub-theme .. it's much easier with Drush.

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Still looking .... where do i start the command line from ? Kinda funny

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Are you trying to create a subtheme using drush? The instructions at the top of the page say:

Creating a subtheme with the wizard is as easy as drilling into your Drupal directory in terminal, and typing the following command [...]

So you start in your main drupal directory. Is that your question?

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There is a separate page with instructions for installing Omega 4.x manually:

This is more or less a textual description of the process shown in the Youtube video instructions linked to above.

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I went through the drush omega-wizard process and unfortunately there was nothing created in my /sites/all/themes folder at all. I've tried this several times to no avail.

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Drush was dumping the new sub themes into public_html.

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I found the drush method quick and simple, the only issue I had was the sub-theme directory seemed to end up in strange places even though I ran the drush command from within the directory I wished it to be added to.
Easiest thing to do was search the file system to find where it had been dumped and then just manually move the newly created sub-theme directory into the right place i.e. sites/all/themes/.
The benefit of using drush is it creates the .info file which doesn't come as part of the starterkit.