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Last updated: March 8, 2013 - 14:20

Release notes

This is likely to be the last release for Drupal 6, as I have neither the time nor the desire to continue to maintain this version. If you want to maintain it, please contact me.

Changes since 6.x-1.0:

  • #1267364 by velpan: minimal space resets to default value
  • #1148570 by berliner: Fatal error: Call to a member function theme() on a non-object
  • #1270606 by velpan, lollypic: Unaffected writing position in case of empty fields
  • #1230098 by Kyle Jaster, FatherShawn: views_pdf templates disappearing from directory
  • #1270346 by velpan, Cottser, hanoii: collapsable should be collapsible
  • #1228036: Fix the missing theme files.
  • #1127376: Update the README.txt
  • #1207630: The redirection was blocked by some output. So the header redirection fails.
  • Resolve a bug with the file extention.
  • #1191562: Add the file extention if it is missing. (Branch 6.x)
  • #1197366: Move out the Views PDF Mime Mail to a separate project.
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