I've touched on this before which didn't get much attention but it would be really handy to have git repos generated on site creation to allow the cloning of the site dir for theming out of sites/sitename/themes offering version control on sites for theme changes etc and perhaps a front end commit history in the aegir panel that way we'd get better use of the dev/stage/live setups in octopus by default.

So in short, we'd happily pay to have these aspects in boa:
- Git repo initialized on site creation only for the site directory or an extra button to add it if site already exists like verify/backup/clone etc.
(Obviously keep all other code in makefile vcs etc)
- remote access to a url for clone/push changes
- commit history in aegir site UI (similar to pantheon)



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Project: Barracuda » Octopus

Something like this already exists, if I understand your request properly - you may want to check DevShop project. BOA project will be happy to support it once it is ported to be Aegir 2.x compatible. BOA itself has no plans to develop anything similar, since it is way beyond the scope of the project.

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Status: Active » Postponed

I have checked it out and yes that's what we're looking for.
We'll have to see what comes of devshop in the future, looks promising.

I'll keep checking back :)

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Title: GIT for aegir/boa managed sites » GIT for aegir/boa managed sites - Devshop integration
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Title: GIT for aegir/boa managed sites - Devshop integration » GIT for aegir/boa managed sites - Devshop/Valkyrie DevOps integration
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IMHO Devshop type functionality as least is partly within the scope of BOA

As far as I can tell, the big, unique selling point of another pagan god named Drupal developer friendly hosting service is the Dev,test,stage workflow which is partly GIT, partly web UI

I would strongly suggest BOA rethink the what are the project boundaries and how best to integrate

For me, I am stuck on 2 questions;

1. How do I get a BOA platform into Aegir Devshop ? Not just the modules/themes directories but the entire codebase
2. How do I get the site back into BOA?

The wonderful thing about the pagan god squad competing product is the smooth workflow between local host > Dev > test > live

That hosting services gives a very simple integration and workflow onto the desktop and back into the cloud via GIT and Web UI