I would very much like to customize the notification email, but unlike the two emails for the signee it lacks any UI that I can find. The chief problem is that it does not specify what time they signed up for. The email says "Date/Time: " and leaves it at that. This happens whether I create a new Date content type, or am using the custom type that I somewhat painstakingly created. In both cases I have specified the Signup Date field, but it doesn't seem to help.

This also leads me to believe that reminder emails will not function (evidently it is not handling the date effectively). Help would be appreciated, as we are using this to schedule one-on-one appointments with students.


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Also, in the email confirmation it is not adding %node_start_time. This field comes through as blank in the confirmation email.

Same situation, we use this to schedule appointments with students.

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The issue appears to be with date.inc on line 476.

The function date_formatter_format does not seem to be returning a format.

If I change the line from:

$format = date_formatter_format('default', $field['field_name']);


$format = 'D, m/d/Y - g:ia';

then the date begins to display properly.

Looking at the function in the date module, it appears to be establishing the format and tries to return it, but it comes back blank.

I'll keep working through and try to come up with a patch. But, for the time being you can always hardcode in a date format to get your system running.

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Addition to # 2
For all signup nodes set "Language" to "Language neutral".
In all other cases (german, french, ...), no date appears.