How do I prevent the overlap of rows shown in the attached example? The format is set to PDF Table.

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Version: 7.x-1.0 » 7.x-1.x-dev
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I don't believe this is related.

To the original poster: I think what you're looking for is in the PDF Field Settings...this is the clunky positioning configuration interface that everyone seems to be referring to. I was having a similar issue to yours, but finally figured out how the positioning works more or less. As a general rule of thumb, I find that changing the positioning settings for each field to:

  • Position relative to: Last Writing Position
  • Position relative to corner: Bottom Left
  • Position X: 0
  • Position Y: 2

seems to provide a semi-normal flow to start tweaking from.

It's very possible, using the default settings, to display only one label on the whole page, or have multiple items writing over the top of each other, which is very confusing when you're starting out with this module.

Hope that helps...

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I am still facing the overlap issue.

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Related issues: +#1349444: table haders do not take row height into account
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I had the same issue and luckily found a D6 patch that I could use as a base: #1349444: table haders do not take row height into account.

Attached is the patch. Please review.

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I'll try to review it and commit it.