I'm not sure if this is a bug report or support request.
I'm using AT for a multisite. The first site is just about ready to go live, with a fully custom subtheme. The mobile menu toggle came just in time, but it's not working on the first subsite. Are there elements in the subtheme that have to upgrade to dev in order for mobile menu toggle to work, or is this a bug?

In the first subsite, where the menu does NOT toggle:
The menu is called "Main Menu" -- the one that shows up in the unused blocks list, but I did not place it in the menu bar region. It is placed in the header region, last of a several blocks in that region.
I've checked the "tablet portrait" checkbox for additional regions.

In the second subsite, where the menu DOES toggle:
the menu is the default main menu that is not a placeable block, and is disabled with a checkbox. It was convenient for me to use that menu, so I left it, and it works just fine. It is located just below the menu bar and above help and secondary.

Both subthemes were developed with the latest release version. (Aug 29)
Today I upgraded sites/all to AT core to the March 6th dev version.

The "doesn't work" sub-site is using the following contrib modules:
admin menu and admin menu toolbar
CTools and Page Manager
CiviCRM contact form, reference and CiviCRM theme
Taxonomy Image (I may not have this implemented anywhere, but it's enabled)
Exclude Node Title
Header Image
JW Player
Module Filter
Panels and Panels-In-Place Editor
Views and Views UI

The "Does work" subsite uses these contrib modules:
Content Access
Admin menu and toolbar
Actions Permissions (VBO)
Ctools and Views Content Panes
CiviCRM contact and Reference
Display Suite and its UI
Conditional Fields, Custom Formatters, email and phone
Flex Slider and all its family
Logintoboggan and its family
module filter
node clone
Social Share
Rules, Rules UI
Google Analytics
Views, Views UI, Views Slideshow, VS Cycle
Webform and its family

I hope that helps.


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Category: bug » feature

Its not designed to work with blocks in the header region, only the menu bar region, however this is a reasonable expectation, I need to look at how hard this will be to support.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I've pushed some changes to DEV, these include several new settings that allow you to choose from three regions:

  • Leaderboard
  • Header
  • Menu Bar

Also you can select the standard Drupal Primary or Secondary menus separately.

Pull from GIT or wait 24 hours for the DEV build to update.

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Thanks for the work, Jeff! I've tried it out on a cold localhost, and it looks good when I put the menu in the header.

I also believe I discovered the answer to my previous question. It looks like I don't have to rebuild my subthemes, importing my custom CSS and Gpanels and all that... My problem was I was not updating the AT core properly... one has to completely delete and replace the previous version, not just overwrite.


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It's always safest to delete and replace etc, also always clear the cache - this is really important.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.