The pane Content Type in Node (Tokens) for nodes does not seems to be displaying in translated version.

All the time, it shows the original version, and not the current version language.

Is this due to being a Token?
A bug in panels? Is there a fix?

I've detected it on Panelizer, but i'm assuming it's a general Panels (or maybe CTools?) bug/lack of feature/bad config.


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Same problem here by using the content-type-name as token in custom-breadcrumbs.
Any fixes on this?

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I get the exact same issue. I have tried many different things (strings translation, localization client, etc.) Nothing worked. Any tip would be much appreciated.

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Here is my problem in details. This is the last untranslated item in my drupal website so I would really appreciate any solution.

I have a content-type built in french first.
Then I translate the content-type (name and description) in English.
I create a Panel variant to display any content of that content-type (node template).
I pick the content type name token within Panels options to show it on the panel (Node (tokens) > Content type).
Everything works fine in French but in English, that token is the only untranslated item (still in French).

I have tried to translate it through Localization Client, through "Translate interface", searching within node types untranslated items, through Panels translation,... Nothing has worked yet.

And sorry for my froggy style :)
Thanks in advance

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