I'm using Node Gallery with Plupload. Neither Node Gallery nor Plupload seem to have any permissions of their own to set. I've given my "client" role permission to Administer Files under File Entity.

There seems to be no way of allowing a role to add photos to any gallery they did not create. When my 'client' role creates a gallery, he can upload new items to it, but if User #1 adds a gallery, he can only sort/manage the items, not add new ones.

Is this the intended behavior? Is there a permission or setting I'm missing? If the former, consider this a feature request. This is very poor and frustrating default behavior.

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is there an easy way to do this? i also need that all users have the permission to add items to all galleries, not just the ones they created.

75th Trombone did you find a solution for this issue? could entitity reference itself, be a possible solution?

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We need this too.

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I will review and accept any workable patches for this. I understand it's an important feature, but it's not something I need myself at the moment. If it's important you, please create a patch for me to review. I promise to do so expeditiously.

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hey, was just about to post a patch. :)

Turns out this is already implemented and permission-based, but hook_permission() wasn't passing that permission along to the permissions page to allow you to grant it. Just adding the permission definition to hook_permission() fixed it. While I was at it, there's one other permission that also wasn't defined there, so I added that as well, although I'm not 100% sure of the description on that one because I'm not really sure what it's doing. Appears to be access to /browse except everyone can already do that?

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oh, also, this patch is against the current git code, which does *not* match the current released version, and the patch will not apply to the released version. (hook_permission() is not even implemented in the current release)

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These permission constants (and implementation) are stuff left over from the D6 version that I never fully ported to D7. (I took over the module between versions.) The upload to all galleries one looks like it works fine. I'm going to leave out the other one for now, because as you mention, it's probably unnecessary.

Committed: http://drupalcode.org/project/node_gallery.git/commit/de3ef44

Thanks for running this down.

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