Spark seems like a great distribution.
Since I am using Drupal for many years and as a platform fpr my clients website I will be happy to use Spark for my clients.
However seems like it doesn't have full support for RTL websites.
From what I see there are 2 main issues:
Admin menu

Is very friendly and I will be happy to keep him. Though I can add some custom css to it so it will feet RTL. My Q here:
- Should I create a new css file for it?
- What is the best way to do so?
Main theme:

- Somehow isn't using the second sidebar when rtl language is the main one. Doesn't metter which theme I am using.


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We are in the process of backporting the Drupal 8 version of the toolbar (the Drupal 8 toolbar module), so at this point further development for the Drupal 7 navbar is not suggested. That has built-in RTL support and even better on mobiles (and for accessibility) than the original Drupal 7 version.

What do you mean by the main theme? The admin theme is the only custom theme in the distro and that does not have sidebars. Otherwise the layout building does indeed not mirror the layout for RTL sites, that would indeed be an interesting thing to look at. However I'd explore first what are you seeing, we might not be talking about the same thing.

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Thanks for that. Any schedule for that? [Always feel a bit od shame to ask something like this...]

As for the sidebar, that was funny since I just discover it's a panel page...

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I honestly don't have a good overview of RTL support in panels, I think it just depends on what RTL sheets the layout provides, so it would be totally on us to provide them. What kind of controls would be needed to support RTL? I mean do you think just mirroring the placement of the regions is sufficient or do you believe RTL specific editing controls would be needed?

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If you have specific RTL issues with specific modules (e.g. Navbar, Panels, etc.) please feel free to post those to their respective modules.