I have a gallery which I want to have a field appear on hover by using the link:title on the view. I enter the code "hey this is a test!" in the link title  and below you can see that it shows up, but in a link wrapped around two other links, which will display no information on any browser I've tested. I used the default settings when installing node gallery and built this using the gallery media field created by default.

Advice, please!

Here's a single table cell from the gallery html...

 <td >
          <a href="/desert_divers_alpha/galleries/bahamas-2007/bluetang">Blue_tang</a>    
          <a href="/desert_divers_alpha/node171" title=" hey this is a test!"><div id="file-193" class="file file-image file-image-jpeg">

          <h2 class="element-invisible"><a href="http://www.gbctesting.com/desert_divers_alpha/sites/default/files/node_gallery/Blue_tang.jpg">Blue_tang.jpg</a></h2>
  <div class="content">
    <a href="/desert_divers_alpha/galleries/bahamas-2007/bluetang"><img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://www.gbctesting.com/desert_divers_alpha/sites/default/files/styles/node_gallery_thumbnail/public/node_gallery/Blue_tang.jpg?itok=JlijCosK" width="100" height="100" alt="" title="" /></a>  </div>
</div></a>            </td>


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You will need to rewrite the view to work with fields. Then you should have complete control over how everything is rendered.

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