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MD5: 0c459360e6c307606eed4e82b5430088
SHA-1: 7958003cf3c0388b005e31bdefed2b7e33bc49eb
SHA-256: f2e699c096fb59e9e9432487379362ce393daa286e17e0718866a32d5aa72f80
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MD5: e38cfb2fe0a943c40e5524af1ba4a7da
SHA-1: 45269335936f0c71640b4b988ecea1ee1e510727
SHA-256: 0a6c42984fcf3aba59f7a028d800b542b394266b03034a73dc6050257100646c

Release info

Created by: paalj
Created on: March 4, 2013 - 11:49
Last updated: March 4, 2013 - 11:50
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • New mode for quiz_ddlines implemented
  • Issue #1929608 by djroshi: Quiz ddlines javascript added to every page
  • Issue #1927360 by Andy Dorman: Fixed PHP Strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in theme_quiz_admin_summary(), patch attached.
  • Fix pdo exception when the is empty array().
  • Issue #1886626 by michaelk: Added Allow the user to configure the default max score value for short and long answer questions.
  • Issue #1842962 by covenantd: Fixed Incorrect permission name 'create quiz' instead of 'create quiz content'.
  • Issue #1836574 by covenantd | nirvanajyothi: Fixed Typo in Revision Actions page.
  • Issue #1537814 by paalj | krysty2k9: Fixed Delete content multichoice error.
  • Issue #1909064 by michaelk: Fixed Broken Image HTML on Quiz Result Form.
  • Issue #1630032 by lakshminp | greylogic: Fixed Illegal string offset warnings when taking quiz.
  • Fix #1863354 - Make start quiz button and quiz summary obey content type settings.
  • Fix #1876104 - Add option to mark a question as doubtful while answering.
  • Remove hook_init().
  • Refs #1865246 - Make all question type fields reorderable through the Manage Fields content type page
  • Minor fix to hook_theme() in multichoice module.
  • Refs #1814312 - remove dead function _quiz_get_results().
  • Fix #1866404 - Add 'Take quiz' link as Views field by covenantd
  • Changed manage questions > create new questions fieldset state to collapsed by default.
  • Fix #1861000 - db_result() not found fatal error in userresults page.
  • Fix PHP Strict warning: Declaration of QuizDirectionsResponse::getReportForm() should be compatible with that of QuizQuestionResponse::getReportForm().
  • Added warning message to mention that some of the quiz settings may not apply to already started quiz.
  • Prevent loading old revision of quiz when revisioning is disabled.
  • Score short answer and long answer before ending quiz, when the feedback is set to show after each questions.
  • Added attribute to disable browser's autocomplete.
  • Changed quiz results markup to use div tag instead of dl dt dd.
  • Fix comment line.
  • Fix #1788894 - Changed the attribute of time_start and time_end fields in quiz_node_results table to signed.
  • Added workaround to show question and feedback in separage pages, when the feedback time it set to show after each questions
  • Added permission to score short and long answers by attendees on their own.
  • question_types
  • Fix #1853088 - file_scan_directory() preg_match(): No ending delimiter error in quiz_views_default_views().
  • Fix PHP notice in hook_update().
  • Fix #1855602 - Allow Teachers to Override Short Answer Automatic Grading.
  • Fix #1855878 - Call to d6 API in quiz_quiz_scored() throws fatal error.