So I installed the module and enabled it. It said it was installed using the Mcrypt extension (I am on shared hosting with host monster) So I assumed the installed it on the server or w.e. I went to the settings and checked the create AES passwords box and set a path to store the key (I left the two key spots blank because I think it autogenerates these, right?) and Hit save. But when I try to use this with my UPS shipping module for Drupal Commerce it says AES is not installed, I understand if its a UPS module problem this isnt the place, but I just wanna know, did I do something wrong?


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You might have figured this out already, but switch to file storage encryption instead of database. This removed the error from the Commerce UPS module for me.

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Changing category.

@Sensei00S, please confirm if it is still actual.

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Closed: no response from topicstarter, assuming problem solved.

Anyone who still suffers from this please feel free to reopen with detailed info about what kind of help exactly you do need.

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Just FYI, the Commerce UPS module will say AES is not installed it you have the storage method set to database. Change to File if possible to solve issue.

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Thanks 2ndmile, this shed a lot of lights to these support requests! What do you think, maybe it worth to create patch for UPS? If module is not happy with database-stored key, it may at least tell this explicitly.