I installed Chosen on "Drupal Wiki (drupal_wiki-7.x-1.2) / 7.19 core" -- The [X] delete character was missing from the items in the field, and was replaced with a hidden up-arrow (triangle).

When the "Aggregate and compress CSS files" option under Performance caching is turned off, the [X]'s are present, and all is fine. This issue is reproducible, although I could not replicate it on a Drupal 7.18 installation at Godaddy because, for some reason, that installation did not have the "Bandwidth Optimization" options.

The Chosen module provides an excellent enhancement to my project ... just what I was looking for! I hope you can fix this small problem soon, because I need to use the css performance option.

Feel free to contact me if you need further information.


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I have confirmed this same problem with "chosen-7.x-2.0-alpha1". If I turn on Performance caching with the "Bandwidth Optimization" option "Aggregate and compress CSS files", the [X] delete character is missing from each item in the field, and it is replaced by a hidden up-arrow (triange) symbol.

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Thanks. We'll look into it.

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I noticed that the problem did not exist on another installation which did not have the "CSS Embedded Images" module (css_emimage-7.x-1.2). So I installed the module and activated it. It is THIS sub-module of Performance caching that is causing the problem !!!

This test installation was using Chosen 7.x-2.0-alpha1 also, but the problem also existed in Chosen 7.x-1.0.

Additionally, I have only tested two browsers on WinXP:
FireFox 18.0.1 (WinXP - Issue is present)
FireFox 18.0.1 (AppleOX - Issue is present)
MSIE 7.0.5730.11 (Issue not present; however, Chosen interferes with the Biblio module, because dropdown lists appear under menus below them, making it impossible to make a selection. Oh well, that's MSIE.

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Hm needy little module. I installed it, enabeld it like described. Testet it against latest 7.x-2-dev version in Chrome and Firefox on macOS. Worked fine for me, so right now I cannot reproduce this behavior. When you came up wit a solution I would be willing to commit it, since this does not be a single use case. Feel free to reopen and post a patch. If you need help, you can join on IRC.