It would be nice to have the option to click on the parent group on a catalog and have all the children items be displayed in the filtered list in addition to children group links. This could be accomplished by optionally adding ',' . $twig->tid to parent paths for each child.

I have added a patch to my version of the code and love the results. Making it optional would require an admin option on the view. I made change effective on all catalog displays by adding this line to the uc_catalog.module after line 514 in version 7.x-3.4 of ubercart.

$branch_path = $branch_path . ',' . $twig->tid; // StudioFX101

To see a sample visit and click on the catalog.


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Issue tags: +children, +uc_catalog, +child items
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Issue tags: -children, -uc_catalog, -child items

Removing tags.

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Issue tags: -children, -uc_catalog, -child items

Hmm, what's going on here? Tags didn't get removed ...

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From what I can tell without an actual patch, this change includes products belonging to child taxonomy terms when you view a parent taxonomy term. You can achieve the same effect without editing code (and also without breaking the highlighting on the catalog menu) by editing the relevant uc_catalog view, clicking Advanced, Contextual Filters, Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth) and increasing the depth setting.

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I sure like doing it the right way better than using a hack. Thanks for the information. It works perfectly!

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