I have a webform with over 30,000 responses and want to download the results. Unfortunately, even with a PHP Memory limit of 1024MB and a timeout limit of 60 seconds, the request times out. Any suggestions on how to download the results beside doing it piece by piece? If I have to resort to that, I will. I'd just rather not.



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I'm having a similar issue with around 50K results. Did you ever find a solution?

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I did not. I ended up just downloading them in segments of 5,000. Someone at a local meetup I was at last night was talking about the possibility of using Batch API to make something work, but, my specialty isn't module development.

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I only have several thousand responses but am timing out whenever trying to download. Any solutions/workarounds out there?

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I ended up just downloading the webform submissions in groups manually. Not ideal, but it works.

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