See the screen grab attached, I would love to display those thumbs horizontally instead of vertically. I searched through the code and cannot find a way to do this. Any thoughts? If it helps, here are the details of how product pages are set up.

I'm using Image format Ubercart product

I have Colorbox installed so when you click on that large image or the thumb, well - you know what happens when you utilize Colorbox.

I know those two bits of info doesn't make those thumbs display vertically or horizontally - but thought I'd let you know how the image settings were. If you need to know anything else just ask and I'll get you that info.

Thank you in advance!

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You probably need to add float: left; to the relevant CSS rule, but without seeing your actual HTML, it's not possible to figure out what that is. Regardless, this is a general theming/CSS question that would equally apply to any Drupal site and is not specific to Ubercart; followups should be posted elsewhere.

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The problem is in your theme CSS,

.field-type-image img {
display: block;
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No luck - check out my screen grab.

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1) I have no idea what you mean by "no luck". You need to look at the style for the actual thumbnail image, not the more-product-images div, if you want to see this. Or you could just take my word for it and override/delete that style from your site and see that I'm right ...

2) This really is just standard CSS work, not anything specifically to do with Ubercart, and in fact little to do with Drupal. Please take the discussion to another forum / ask in the general #drupal IRC channel if you need further help.

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I've tried to search for that css style - image-style-uc-thumbnail or uc_thumbnail or simply thumbnail within my entire site and I'm not finding where that style is?

I see this (see screen grab) in the file but don't know what exact file that style is in.

I know it's a simple css thing - but I cannot find out where that style is located. I wish I found where that style lays so I didn't have to bother anyone.

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I think I found it within the adaptivetheme directory - I'll keep you guys posted.

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It has been fixed, thank you TR - you're always so helpful.

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let us know how you solved it...