Wondering if this module is still actively maintained, seeing that the last commit is 9 weeks ago. I would like to offer to help maintain this module. Thanks.


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Was there any response for this?

If not, I would like to propose marking Field Collection as Abandoned or, if the original poster still wishes to become maintainer, moving forward with the process of claiming ownership as in https://drupal.org/node/251466.

While the module can serve a purpose in a specific use case there are a number of unforeseeable issues that can cause major problems further into development (e.g. incompatibility with Address Field in #1928166: element key didn't use parents element and override default item with field collection & #1912070: Conflict with addressfield). With almost 500 open issues (20 critical) it is likely that there are other major bugs.

Additionally, I see very little advantage from using Field Collection over additional content types (or custom entities/bundles) and node/entity reference modules which will create a more robust solution so I would prefer to abandon the module.

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I would be extremely grateful if Jeffrey could claim ownership to continue working on this module. I agree it is in a bad state, but it's used on 50k sites and unless there is a good alternative, this is pretty much what we've got. There's also much activity in the issue queue so I think having on top pulling strings will help lots.

I'm using field collections on several sites with many thousands of nodes and fc items. I use fc on pretty much every new site I build too. I'm not afraid of migrating data but I just can't find a better solution.

I've investigated the inline entity form module, but the workflow is different. From a users perspective field collections is very friendly allowing you to do things with few clicks.

Go Jeffrey!

EDIT: w00t, fago just committed stuff! I'm very happy to see things moving!

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I'd be happy to welcome another co-maintainer, but we need to make sure the co-maintainer has shown real interest in maintaining and does so in a responsible manner. That can easily done by being active in the queue and marking issues as RTBC that would be committed else, or setting others to needs work.

So Jeffrey C., are you still interested? Did you participate in the queue already? If so some pointers would help evaluationg. Thanks!

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hi Fago,
I can help to maintain this module. I know PHP pretty well but not very much used to git and drupal maintenance. If one can help me on it, it can get easier for me. I want be part of drupal committer as well to better learn drupal.

Ragavendra BN

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I would like to help maintain this module. I have been active in the issue queue over the last several months (https://drupal.org/user/2607886/track) including some work and many posts about entity translation #1344672: Field Collection: Field translation (entity_translation) support., and some work in the sandbox made for a possible Drupal 8 version (https://drupal.org/sandbox/larowlan/1966232).

I am an experienced developer but relatively new to Drupal (a bit less than 1 year of experience). I would like to learn about applying patches with proper attribution and doing releases with good release notes. I am a fan of systems that allow data to be organized in a hierarchical way so I like what field collections is doing, and I think the project and the people using it could benefit from the extra help with maintenance.

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Additional maintainers on Field Collection would be a great idea. This module is extremely important to Drupal and I am sure the existing maintainers will welcome your offers to help.

Just as an FYI, here is the link to info on becoming a project owner. I would not call Field Collection "abandoned", but this will give you some background:


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This would be a good first task for whomever gets the job: #2207133: Beta6 Release. I've got enough on my plate, but I could help folks who take over if they need guidance.

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Yeah, I'd love to welcome another co-maintainer. If you are still interested pls just get in touch with me via my contact page and/or try to catch me IRC.

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Wonderful. I sent you a message on your contact form fago.

I've been looking at the documentation related to maintaining modules. I think that with all of these specific procedures in place for everything it would be hard to mess something up, but please let me know if there's anything more I should know.

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Great - granted you access (and mailed you). Welcome! :-)

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.