Hi forum,
i am new in using drupal. But i have a problem, which i can't solve alone. On my blog I want to use the Monochrome theme, for Drupal 7 I have to Update the theme.
But i don't understand the following errors:

Notice: Undefined index: template_files in monochrome_preprocess_page() (Line 21 of /themes/monochrome/template.php).

The line looks like:
if ($vars['template_files'][0] == 'page-user' || $vars['template_files'][0] == 'page-admin' || $vars['template_files'][0] == 'page-comment' || $vars['template_files'][0] == 'page-search' || $vars['template_files'][2] =='page-node-edit' || $vars['template_files'][1] == 'page-node-add' )

Maybe, someone can help me, or give me some helpfull links. I am working with that Help

thanks a lot