We have been using FlexSlider with a Field Collection field and up until recent updates the Format Flexslider was available under Manage Display. However after updating all modules and core to 7.20, and FlexSlider to 7.x-1.0-rc3 we find that the Format Flexslider is only available for image fields. It is no longer an option when setting the format for Field Collection fields.

Has support for Field Collection been dropped or am I missing something?


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This would be really useful, I thought it hadn't been implemented yet (I tried both rc2 and rc3).

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Well it worked just fine on an earlier version of D7 with an earlier version of FlexSlider. This is the older D7 version of our site running FlexSlider with a Field Collection: http://openmedianow.net

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I don't know what changed in core for 7.20 but we're not adding Field Collection module support directly into FlexSlider Fields. I know a few people have mentioned it but this could be a great extension module.

There is however a FlexSlider Entity Reference module. It would probably be very similar to implementing Field Collection support.


You can help bring it up to full project status by reviewing it here:


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A reason where FieldCollection is a great case for slideshows is that you can attach the 'Slideshow' Field Collection to any existing entity, granting it its own personal slideshow (you can go back to your Views and add filters to show on the main homepage view, etc).

This is an issue I am trying to figure out - is there a method of having multiple slides inside of one entity, with the ability to add a title, link, caption to a slide? I could not get this to work with Views and Field Collection.

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Just a note, the FlexSlider Entityreference module is at full project status now.

@kevinquillen In FlexSlider Fields you can set the caption to be the image title text. No capacity to link to anything yet though.

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Damn, I wanted to do this. Why was it removed? It worked so well with Field Collections.

My desired configuation:

Content type, Slideshow, containing a repeating field, Slides that is a Field Collection containing: 1 image field and 1 text field.

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Hmmm...I wrote the patch that added it to the older version #1645100-8: Add caption support for ALT to FlexSlider Fields. Bummer that it got dropped from 2.x. I'm evaluating if we need 2.x for a new project right now so if we do I'll see if I can write another patch this time around (or sub-module, though almost seems like it would be overkill).

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I have created a sandbox project, FlexSlider Field Collection, which provides a field formatter to render field collection entities in a FlexSlider. The sandbox project is at https://drupal.org/sandbox/genjohnson/2063343.

I've applied for full project status at https://drupal.org/node/2063395. I would appreciate it if someone would review the project.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Please refer to the sandbox.

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FlexSlider Field Collection has been released as a full project.

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I've added a link to it on the project page.