I use a Responsive Framework like ZURB Foundation 3 on Drupal. This framework use specific CSS div container to make Videos like vimeo or youtube Responsive. http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/elements.php#vidCode

It will be nice to define globally the css class because i need not to define this on every content.

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Here's a patch for this as I needed this as well so that I could define a max-width attribute for http://drupal.org/project/fitvids. Hope it helps!

Used to fix this issue as well #1874152: Video Filter with max-width

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Wrapping the iframe or object in a div seems common sense. I wrote an identical patch with only a different class name before finding this issue. Patch applies against 7.x-3.1. I don't see any risks with the patch.

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It would be a nice additional feature to add a code specific class to the wrapper. This way it is possible to style each wrapper a little differentlly.

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The patch has been RTBC for more than a year. Please can we have this merged?

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This should be added to the next release.

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Shouldn't the attribute be added to the standard field wrapper, rather than adding another DIV?

FYI this will probably need to be rerolled.